We’re Here to Best Serve Your Needs


Individuals and Families:

  • Reiki Training: First Degree

    • First Degree Reiki training can be learned by anyone.  Reiki practice is simple, gentle, yet can be one of the most profound experiences one may experience.  It is an investment into your personal wellness and self-development.
    • You will both learn and practice the suggested daily self-care Reiki treatment protocol.
    • You will learn the protocol for a modified Reiki treatment for self and others, along with the full Reiki treatment protocol.
    • Held over a period of two days; one evening (2-3 hours) and one day (4-6 hours), depending on size of group.
    • Cost: $300.  A non-refundable $150 deposit is required at time of registration.
  • Private Reiki Session

    • The client lies on a massage table, fully-clothed, with soft music playing in the background, while the Reiki practitioner begins the protocol of a series of light-hand placements. 
    • One-Hour Session starts at: $100.
  • Wellness Events

    • Our goal is to provide high-quality wellness services, organize all on-site logistics, correspondence with organizers, and collect all the feedback. Book your Wellness/Stress-Reducing event at your school or workplace today!.

General Public/Organizations:

  • Demonstrations/Speaking Engagements

    • We provide an interactive and experiential demonstration that gives a basic introduction to your audience.  We understand that nurturing your existing community can be heavily overlooked, and systems of encouragement and appreciation can be lacking. Our interest remains to support your communities’ sustainability in overall wellness. 
  • Reach & Teach Community Events

    • Envision your community with access to a gentle and balancing practice where they have a chance to experience relaxation. We introduce the practice with samples, and facilitate the questions and answers that typically takes place by our professional Reiki practitioners.
  • Reiki Clinics

    • Are you an organization or an individual looking to bring balance in your space? Reiki Clinics are an affordable way to experience a modified Reiki session. We collaborate with your leaders to create access to these supportive community clinics, recruit the Reiki practitioners, and facilitation of the clinic. 

Health Care Professionals:  

“Reiki is an approved therapy by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing (9/10/1997).”

  • Staff Self-Care

    • The foundation of Reiki practice is daily self-care. On the first day of First Degree Reiki training, each student has practiced a full self-treatment.  Support your staff with an option and opportunity to take care of themselves mind, body and spirit.
  • Staff In-Services Admin/Leadership Staff

    • Quality, credible and simple translation of Reiki practice to your health care professionals is what we are experienced with. This is an introduction to Reiki practice, Reiki in medical settings, and fostering respectful conversation. Continuing Education Units are available by request for LPNs, RNs, LMTs, Social Workers and Respiratory Therapists in Massachusetts.
    • Pilot Programs offer an option to establish a balancing presence within your organization, and to your clients, residents and patients. We work with your organization with finding a solution in integrating Reiki practice as a service that is offered, while meeting the needs of your staff, patients and caregivers.